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Made in Holland

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PRIME Series

A complete line of audio cables with a great price-quality ratio. Analogue and digital cables build with high precision and using only the best materials. Revealing the details and musicality of your system by choosing PRIME series is the first step.

High-end audio cables to deliver the best music from your hifi equipment.

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The Master series (MSTR) is our second series of high-quality audio cables. Build with the terrific PC-Triple C conductors with micro particles of gold and silver in a natural oil to enhance the conductivity. 

Equipped with top quality ETI-Research connectors for the best signal transfer.

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Completely manufactured in The Netherlands. A top line of cables, the best we can make..

A high degree of neutrality in the music reproduction across the entire frequency spectrum. Transient information that is important for realism is perfectly reproduced, which means that these cables play at an extreme high level.

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