We’ve developed the Optimus series with one goal in mind,
to create the best possible way to deliver you the greatest experience. 

For the Optimus Series we use our OEM PC-Triple C conductors.
This advanced mono crystal copper is manufactured in Japan according to our own specifications. 

Inside our cables pure Mulberry silk is used to get the best dielectric.
The outer tubing is super flexible, strong and unique for the audio market.

Finished with the ETI-Research connectors with cryo treatment, Tellurium copper with rhodium or silver plating ensures a stable and sound wise perfect match.

parallel speaker cable

With speaker cables, the audible difference is caused to a greater extent by the power amplifier reacting to inductance and capacitance. After many listening tests, we believe that a low-capacity speaker cable sounds the best.

The Optimus loudspeaker cable has therefore been developed in such a way that the capacity is reduced to the minimum. The conductors are made from our PC-Triple C solid core copper wires. This ultra high quality copper is protected by a fluor-resine then placed inside a pure Mulberry silk sleeving. This is protected by a super flexible and strong tubing that allows the cable to have enough air as isolation around the conductor.


coaxial analogue interlink

An analogue interlink that stands out by delivering extreme transparency, detail and punch. A special advanced pure PC-Triple C solid core copper wiring is used as the conductor.

This wire is covered by a pure cotton protection layer and build according to coaxial standard. As EMI/RFI protection a high quality tinned copper braided shielding is used. The conductors are protected by a pure silk sleeving inside our unique super flexible tubing.


phillotaxis power cord

For this cable we use our special solid core PC-triple C wires with our unique Phillotaxis twisting method. This copper was made in Japan according to our own specifications. In total nine conductors are being used in one cable.

By using our unique twisting methode we are able to reduce noise. Eliminating High-frequency noise is the successor of this methode. So no additional screening is necessary! This allows the electromagnetic field to behave in a natural way and float freely through the conductor.


coaxial digital interlink

Digital cables need to be designed and manufactured with great care. They need to be compliant with the specification for the digital signal. This digital cable, based on the coaxial design, can be used for the SPDIF 75Ohm signals. The conductor is manufactured from our special copper wires which are complete covered by a pure silk dielectric

The distance from the signal cables and the shielding is most important by these kind of cables. The conductor is placed in a natural cotton tubing and then shielded with high quality braided tinned copper. Again an extra shielding is applied which is only attached at the source side.