The banana plugs uses a bfa style contact pin. This ensures maximum contact with the speaker/amplifier. The plug has a body made of brass. The contact pin is made of high quality beryllium copper (anti-magnetic and anti-static). Beryllium-Copper is stronger, more conductive, and better sounding than normal phosphor-bronze connectors. Body and pin are both plated with a rhodium (nickel-free) finish to prevent oxidation. This ensures high conductivity and no magnetic interferences. The copper wire makes direct contact with the contact pin which is connected directly to the speaker / amplifier.


Our rhodium audio spades are made of one single piece pure alpha copper with silver and rhodium plating. Cable is being fixed with two hex screws. Superior quality for the best audio transmission.


The cable is fixed by two screws. Secure the bare stripped wire (or crimp with sleeve) with the last screw and the first screw to fix the cable. Or optionally further strip the cable and use both screws directly on the wire. For longer life, we choose to use gold plated crimp sleeves instead of bare copper wires in the plug. The OFC sleeve are crimped under high pressure and ensure optimal contact. There is direct contact with the pin so there is optimal sound transmission.
The pin is protected by a stylish brushed aluminum matte black sleeve. A distinction is made between the polarity completely black plug (without logo) as ‘min’ and use the plug with Purecable logo as a ‘plus’.


Rhodium is a hard silver-white transition metal. The low electrical resistance, stable contact and good corrosion resistance make rhodium very suitable for transmitting audio signals. Rhodium plating gives a clear, bright and transparent representation of the original. The rhodium finish gives the plugs a very long life due to the high resistance and hardness of the material.

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