Nanotec high end speaker cables use a simple concept, but it requires a technical manufacturing process. The use of a colloidal fluid on an audio cable. By adding a certain amount of microscopically small particles of gold and silver into an oily substance and then applying it to a copper conductor, Nanotec has found a way to significantly improve performance. In addition the particles vary in size from 3.5 to 8 Nm. An Nm is 10-9 meters, so 0.000 000 001 meters or one billionth of a meter.

For the binder they used a natural oil, this oil has the ability to bind oxygen. In addition, applied to a copper wire, the oil prevents oxidation. By combining oil and precious metal particles on the copper core, this not only enables the quality to be retained but also improves the skin effect. Therefore, an oil is used instead of either a solid coating, coating or composite alloy. Most of all It also simplifies the production process and makes the final product more affordable.


high-end speaker cable

Nanotec technology has another advantage. On the surface of the ofc conductors there are many microscopically small scratches that occur during production, making the conductors less contact with each other. This causes noise pollution. The colloidal gold / silver treatment fills the cracks at microscopic level, thus improving conductivity and therefore reducing noise.


  • High-end speaker cable
  • Less noise, so more music.
  • More dynamics, especially in complex passages that are disturbed by noise.
  • Deeper and tighter lower frequencies with more texture.
  • Natural and more lifelike midrange and clarity, while retaining the original qualities of a particular recording.
  • Higher resolution and more details.
    Increase in sound image size for a more realistic view.

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