blockMSTR – power distributor

From  1.299,00 incl. btw

An all-aluminium power distributor provides optimum shielding from external factors.

Internally, all connections are star wired so that each output is completely equal. The Schuko outlets are from the topline of Furutech, the FI-E30 NCF which have had a cryogenic treatment and are demagnetized. The inlet is the Furutech FI-09 NCF.

All internal wiring is based on the high quality OCC wire. In addition, it is possible to opt for an optional built-in HF parallel filter which filters out noise without losing the dynamic range. The distributor is equipped with a GDF55 Gabriel Tech suppression chip that organizes electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields and gives a strong improvement in the reproduction of both sound and image.

The distributor is filled with RayTech’s MagicGel to block further interference and to protect it completely.