powerMSTR – power cord

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The ultimate power cable for the most critical equipment and listener.

The internal cable is based on PC-Triple C copper with the highly valued nano treatment for protection and improvement of contact. The cable is flexible and is screened with an audio grade PVC.

The contact parts of the connectors are milled from 1100 Series copper with an IACS rating of 102%. 1100 Series copper has a uniform fine structure which guarantees the best signal transfer. After manufacture, the copper parts are cleaned and then gilded. The gold layer is applied directly to the copper (without poorly conductive bonding layers). The connector is then treated cryogenically. In a cryogenic process, an object is exposed to extremely low temperatures (up to -200 degrees Celsius) for periods of days. The object is then gradually reduced to the ambient temperature. The goal and result is up to 20% better conductivity and an audible sound improvement. To prevent EMI / RF radiation, the connector is mounted in a high-quality aluminum (6061) housing.