speakerMSTR – speaker cable

From  1.799,00 incl. btw

The cable is made of PC-Triple C copper. The special manufacturing method ensures a very compact structure and fine crystals, which are all oriented in the longitudinal direction, so that optimum conduction takes place. The conductor is made up of 7 bundles of 15 strands of copper of 0.26 mm. This results in a core of 5.575mm² per conductor. The strands are all treated with the natural nano-oil which binds to oxygen and contains microparticles of gold and silver (95% gold/5% silver). Every microscopic unevenness in the copper is filled with the nano-particles, creating more contact points and thus optimal conduction.

The conductors are kept at a proper distance from each other through the use of hollow PE pipes and cotton. All this is wrapped with a high quality Japanese paper wrapper. The cable is therefore optimally protected against vibration influences.

Finished with a black PVC splitter. The ETI-Reseach connectors are milled from one piece of Tellurium copper and then silver plated. Tellurium is the highest quality copper for audio and the silver-plated plating ensures maximum signal transfer.

The price is for a set of cables (2 pieces).