OPTIMUS high power

From  3.697,00 incl. btw

For this cable we use our special solid core PC-triple C wires with a different twisting than the standard Optimus Power Cord. The copper was made in Japan according to our own specifications. In total twelve conductors are being used in one cable (Optimus power uses nine). By using a special twisting of the wires we are able to create a cable for higher power systems and customers that demand high dynamics. The electromagnetic field can behave in a natural way and float freely through the conductor.

The wires are placed in a pure silk sleeving. Pure silk will have no negative effect on the quality of the signal and so the conductors are able to float inside the unique dielectric. It’s super flexible and strong and will protect the cable and give it enough room for air isolation.

Together with the rock solid best connectors on the market, the ETI-Research Legato connectors it delivers huge detail, imaging and lots of dynamics.