OPTIMUS speaker

From  5.299,00 incl. btw

With speaker cables, the audible difference is caused to a greater extent by the power amplifier reacting to inductance and capacitance. After many listening tests, we believe that a low-capacity speaker cable sounds the best. The Optimus loudspeaker cable has therefore been developed in such a way that the capacity is reduced to the minimum. The conductors are made from our PC-Triple C solid core copper wire. This ultra high quality copper is protected by a fluor-resine then placed inside a pure silk sleeving. This is placed is our super flexible and strong tubing that allows the cable to have enough air as isolation around the conductor.

The ETI-Research BRIO connectors are available as banana and spades. It’s made from the highest quality Tellurium copper, cryogene threaded and finished with a rhodium plating (special jumpers are available on request).